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Adapting Rural Living and Land Use to Environmental Change (Relu Phase IV)

What is the Relu Programme?

The Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu) aims to advance understanding of the challenges that rural areas in the UK face, using interdisciplinary research to inform policy and practice with choices on how to manage the countryside and rural economies.

Adapting Rural Living and Land Use to Environmental Change projects

Relu, with additional funding from the Natural Environment Research Council, are currently funding projects under a fourth call on the theme of "Adapting rural living and land use to environmental change".

Read about one of these projects in our online story

What will the projects do?

The projects will:

1. Build networks and capacity for creative knowledge exchange and learning between researchers and policy makers, businesses, practitioners, local communities and the wider public, with a view to strengthening adaptive capacities, primarily within the UK

2. Explore and promote novel approaches and partnerships for interdisciplinary research and analysis on living with environmental change in rural contexts.

More detail on the projects

What tools will be available?

Policy briefing papers

Relu regularly produce policy briefing papers on topics such as 'Informing the Reform and Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy' and 'Implementing the Water Framework Directive.'

You can download these here


Start and end date: 01/06/2010 to 31/03/2013