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Social and Environmental Economic Research (SEER) into Multi-Objective Land Use Decision Making

What is the 'Decision-Making about Land Use' project?

The question behind this project is 'What is the optimal use of land?

What will the project do?

The project will develop a new way of simultaneously assessing

a) the primary economic effects of policy, market or environmental change on land use and

b) the second round, dynamic consequences of that change which may in turn generate multiple feedbacks on the environment.


When land use policy changes (such as the Common Agricultural Policy reform) or when the market for products changes or when costs change (e.g. the price of cereals, fuel etc) or even when the environment itself changes, the immediate and long term effects can be complex and far reaching.

Conventional analysis tends to focus only on one dimension at a time and on static and short-term changes. This project takes a different approach.

What the project will do:

  • model the factors that determine land use, such as policy, market and the environment
  • assess the impact of changes in land use rural livelihoods
  • find out how change in land use alters the amount of greenhouse gas released or taken up by the land 
  • determine the impacts of diffuse pollution on water sources
  • look at the impact of land use change on biodiversity
  • look at outdoor recreation services.

Expected outputs:

  • a sensitive method to incorporate market and policy pressures of rural land use (particularly for agriculture and forestry)
  • predictions of agricultural incomes in different land use scenarios
  • data and a model to predict land use decision making at the level of an individual farm
  • a model of the impacts of land use and farm activity change on agricultural greenhouse emissions and sequestration under different conditions


Start and end date: 01 April 2010 to 31 March 2015


Contact: Professor Ian Bateman, University of East Anglia

Social and Environmental Economic Research (SEER) into Multi-Objective Land Use Decision Making