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The Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change programme is just one of the Living With Environmental Change activities that has informed policy with the very latest evidence. We provide information to help on the international stage, national government departments, agencies, devolved administrations and local government.

If you are planning health services to take account of overheating buildings, a newly appointed Flood Risk Manager, or an advisor on the reform of the common agricultural policy you represent one of a huge range of people who need the information we generate for better decison-making.

The partnership builds relationships between government and research council funders so that they can co-ordinate the UK's investment on agreed environmental knowledge needs. This achieves better value for money particularly when budgets are stretched.

"The Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change Programme has already generated significant analysis of global emissions reductions necessary to meet the 2 degree target that has underpinned UK policy" Nafees Meah, Department of Energy and Climate Change.