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Making Connections

Example - Synthesising insights on land-use

"A large amount of research is being carried out on land use. The challenge now facing research and decision-making communities is how to move the broad layer of research and evidence findings into decision processes."

Ken O'Callaghan, Defra

Challenges faced by stakeholders and society more generally can be a spur for different research activities to connect and collaborate. One successful example was when Ken O'Callaghan, LWEC's former Head of Directorate, convened a meeting to bring together leads for LWEC activities that were focusing on different aspects of land use and management. Those at the meeting were able to identify a need for integrated decison-making support tools and processes for farmers and other land managers.

These would be informed by different issues being tackled by the research community and lead to a more balanced consideration of the assets and services that the land provides. Even activities that didn't take part were able to contribute to an information sheet which showcases a substantial set of relevant research programmes that LWEC Partners have invested in.

The meeting contributed to some successful ongoing collaborations between programmes and stimulated other programme managers to bring different programmes together.

You can download the information sheet below to see how wide the cross-programme connections could be.