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Hugh Deeming

Dr Hugh Deeming is a senior research assistant at Northumbria University whose specific research focus lies in the investigation of the relationships between civil protection doctrine and practice, community resilience and the management of natural and natural-technological (NaTech) hazards. He is currently coordinating the work of 10 European partners involved in the EU FP7 Building Resilience Amongst Communites in Europe (emBRACE) project, which is seeking to develop a framework through which to assess the resilience capacity of a society exposed to natural hazards. His interest in the hazard/community interface has persisted throughout his research career, in part due to his past service as a frontline police officer. However, Hugh’s PhD research focused on identifying the role of informal social networks in building resilience to low-probability, high-consequence coastal storm-surge hazards and it was the identification of the complex interrelationships between the perception of the residual risks from sea and pluvial flooding and the effects these perceptions had on resilience building that also helped to cement his interest in this field. Hugh has worked on four EU FP6/7 hazard projects (incl. emBRACE) and has advised the Civil Contingencies Secretariat on recovery issues. He was also responsible for the creation of the UK Civil Protection guidance inventory for the Emergency Planning College. He has presented his work to a wide range of academic, policy and community audiences.



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