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Lindsay Maskell

Dr Lindsay Maskell is a vegetation scientist. She has extensive experience of analysing vegetation data from landscape-scale vegetation surveys (particularly the Countryside Survey) to test hypotheses, identify patterns of vegetation change and link them to external drivers. She was heavily involved in the 2007 Countryside Survey (training, QA, management and analysis). She has been involved in several projects assessing the impacts of nitrogen on vegetation, using large-scale survey data, for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and Natural England. She has also worked in tropical forests and was Project Manager for a Darwin project in Belize.

More recently, Dr Maskell has been working on ecosystem services, translating biophysical measurements to services in the Countryside Survey Integrated Assessment (for which she was a Work Package Leader) and linking multiple drivers to services across landscapes. She was also a member of the expert panel for the National Ecosystem Assessment. Lindsay has a particular research interest in non-native species and has analysed Countryside Survey data for the JNCC Biodiversity In Your Pocket (BIYP) non-native indicator. She is currently managing a Defra project looking at changes in abundance of injurious native weeds and non-native plant species.




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